Fall Activities

Okay it's been raining all weekend and I can totally feel it in the air: Fall is coming! Fall is definitely my favorite season.  I love the crisp air, vibrant colors, cozy afternoons, and the smell of spices in the air.  Luke and I started a little tradition where at the beginning of a season we make a few "goals" or activities that we want to do in the coming months.

For summer, it was:
  1. Go camping 2 times  -  Overachievers, we went 3 times! Twice in the Uintas, once with our friends in Logan Canyon.
  2. Go swimming a lot!  -  Done and done! My mom's neighborhood has a community pool overlooking the lake. LOVE.
  3. Take a mini vacation  -  We went to Moab with Luke's family in the May, so that counts! Also, camping vacations.
  4. Go fishing and catch something  -  Luke caught a fish at Butterfly Lake in the Uintas!
  5. Go on a few hikes  -  Kind of.  We did some hiking in Moab and a fun hike with Camille and DJ in Logan Canyon, but we might try to get a few more hikes in before it snows.
  6. Finish getting our yard ready for planting next year.  -  Uhhh, not so much.  We decided to take a little break from shelling out $$$ on this yard.  At least this year we got sprinklers and grass, the rest will have to wait until Spring.
Here are my Fall "Goals":

I'm especially excited for the moonlight ski lift ride at Sundance and Oktoberfest.  I've never been to Oktoberfest before, have you guys? It seems so fun and I'm obsessed with German food so I'm sure it'll be a blast.

What do you want to accomplish or do for fun this Fall?


  1. You're a creep because this is almost identical to the Fall List I had in my brain. You're just better than me cause you can make yours all cute, Thanks, thanks a lot!