End of Summer Yogurt Pops

Okay I'm a sorry excuse for a blogger, I'm sorry I've been MIA forever! I had the craziest craziest week last week so I've just been playing catch-up for the last few days. I had lots of fun stuff going on though, making a pattern and consequently a gown for the lovely lady in the pic below (Beccy and her husband are making a documentary about living on Bitcoin, check it out here: http://lifeonbitcoin.com/ and yes, she did pay me in Bitcoin!) Also my sister-in-law, Lauren, gave me a bunch of peaches and OH MY GOSH, I have never liked peaches in my life until now.  I think I ate 5 in one day, oops!  My husband and I put in some pavers in our yard on Labor day, I made some yummy homemade Ritz Crackers, and we went to see Blue Jasmine (lovely!) and took a crappy phone pic in the theater.  A successful week!

Something else I did in the lifetime I was away from the blog was make these yummy raspberry yogurt pops! I am not ready to let summer go yet--even though it's raining in Utah, I'm eating popsicles.  These are the easiest popsicles, just yogurt and fruit, so use what's ripe right now, or get a cheap bag of frozen raspberries at Trader Joes.

I would feel ridiculous writing out a full recipe for these babies, because they are way too simple.  Just mix some fruit with yogurt (or buy fruit yogurt) and layer plain yogurt, fruit chunks, and the fruit/yogurt mixture in popsicle molds and freeze. Easy easy! Martha Stewart adds sugar to hers--mine were a little more tart but I didn't want to add anything.  If you want creamier popsicles, use full fat or greek yogurt.

Make your own popsicles before it gets too cold outside.  There are zillions of popsicle recipes online to choose from.  Here are a couple that caught my eye:

Has anybody else made popsicles this summer?

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