Freebie Friday - Phone Backgrounds

You guys, I had such a bad day yesterday! :( I just felt so busy and stressed out and everything was just a little bit off.  So I had a ton on my mind and I jump in my car to run an errand. I call up my sister as I'm backing out of the garage, not paying attention to what I'm doing, and suddenly I hear a huge scraping noise.  I freaked out and pulled forward, shaking.  I jump out of the car and see that I had hit my husband's car which was in the driveway. Greaaaat. The back part of his car has a dent in it and a huge scrape. So I spent the next hour crying about how stupid I am and kicking myself for letting myself get so distracted. Everything will be okay but that was just a bad ending to a bad day.

But, not to worry, the weekend is here! And it will be so awesome and fun and relaxing because I am going camping with my family.  I'm so excited.  I need a little break so it will be perfect.

I've got a Friday Freebie for those of us trying to savor the last bits of summer: Berry Phone Backgrounds!

Iphone 4/4s on the left, Iphone 5 on the right
(These will also work well for most Android phones)

 photo blackberry-iphone4_zps0fc3cbf3.jpg         photo blackberry-iphone5_zpsffbd44b4.jpg

 photo strawberry-iphone4_zpscdc21e3f.jpg          photo strawberry-iphone5_zps7f415396.jpg

To use these backgrounds on your phone, navigate to this page and click on the image so that the large size comes up.  Click and hold on the image until it gives you the option to save to your phone.  Enjoy!

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I hope everyone has a great weekend and doesn't hit any cars! ;)


  1. Sorry about your crazy day yesterday - have fun camping.

    1. Thanks friend--I guess this is just not our week, hm? I hope you guys had fun in Wyoming!

  2. Ahh! That's so scary, but your hubbie is so nice haha! LOVE the backgrounds. Now to get a smartphone... lol!

    1. Yeah it was just so annoying! One of those things like UGH please don't let this happen right now! But oh well, it's life!