5 Pinterest Accounts to Follow

Hello my friends!

If you're addicted to Pinterest like I am, I have a treat for you today! 5 Beautiful Pinterest Accounts to Follow! These people are awesome curators with incredible taste.

1. Jenny Rose - Jenny's boards are so inspiring! She's got a little bit of everything, including great inspiration for graphic designers.

2. Schirin Rachel - Beautiful inspiration and breathtaking photos.  I especially love the food board--unique ideas and pretty presentation for the foodies among us.

3. Michelle Hunt - Michelle is one of the geniuses behind Twig Creative, and her pinterest boards give us a little bit of insight into her inspiration.  She's pinned great ideas for artists and mamas.

4. Twigs & Honey - Lots of their boards are directed at brides and weddings but there are amazing fashion and party ideas for everyone!

5. Michelle Barnes - Michelle is the founder of Fifth and Mae jewelry shop and blogs over at The Copper Collective.  Michelle is a mom, artist, DIY'er, and lover of pretty things and her boards are evidence of her interests and awesome taste.

Do you have any favorite Pinners lately?  Let us know in the comments and share the love!

For even more Pinterest accounts to follow, visit At Home in Love's 10 Pinterest Accounts to Follow!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I just followed all of these... so awesome!

    1. Thanks Bren! You won't be disappointed, these girls are so cool!

  2. I love love love this, following all now, thanks!

  3. Hi Rachel!
    Wow I am obsessed with your blog. Nonpariels happen to be my favorite sprinkles, too :)
    now following you on GFC and bloglovin'! Cant wait to add you to my daily reads.

    Taylor from Anticipation

    1. Thank you Taylor! Now following your blog too--soooo gorgeous! Love it!

  4. These are too great!! Totally going to follow those, I'm so bad at looking at other peoples pinboards, though. I always forget!

    xo Becky